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With a commitment to excellence, a comprehensive approach and the promise of nothing short of five-star quality support, Omaha Birth & Babies welcomes you to this new and wonderful chapter of your lives.  

We hold certification and expertise in every nuance of supporting pregnancy, birth, and early parenting, and we pride ourselves on comforting our clients through each phase of this major life transition. Whether it is the education necessary to get you through the big day, the physical in-person support for the birth itself, or the necessary emotional support that gets you through the early postpartum period, we are insured, equipped and prepared to meet your every need.

We recognize the challenging realities that come with giving birth and the unpredictability that is associated with the newborn stage of life. We know that feeding a newborn can be anxiety-producing and that sleep…

Sleep? Did someone say sleep?!?! Just kidding! We know that sleep comes in shorter intervals than you may be accustomed to. But worry not, new friend! We are here to help you every baby step of the way.

Our formula for success includes:

+ A combined  16 years experience

+ A comprehensive approach to support

+ The understanding that birth and parenting is unique to the individuals experiencing it.

+ Flexibility and impeccable communication

+ An unbeatable standard of discretion

Are we claiming too much? We don’t think so.

As new parents, you are the toughest critics we know. You demand the best and you don’t settle for anything less. You’ve never had higher standards than those you will set when it comes to your baby, and for that reason, Omaha Birth & Babies is where you’ve come.

We appreciate that. This is your moment. And we’re going help you shine!

We’d love to walk you through our process and show you how we can support you.

You may reach out to us via our contact form or you can simply give us a phone call at 402-237-8767

We looking forward to learning more about you, your desires and how we can support your family!

Too often we are under prepared, and overwhelmed following the birth of our babies. Our postpartum doulas compassionately understand your need for information, education, encouragement, a shower, a meal and a listening ear.

Our overnight doulas are experts in establishing day and night rhythm and healthy sleep habits to maximize the amount of sleep you get while meeting the demands of night time parenting.

Our Certified Birth Doulas work alongside you and your birth partner to help you achieve a joyful, confident, beautifully memorable and even comfortable birth experience.

Our Bringing Home Baby and Breastfeeding Your Newborn combined class, is the closest thing to that instruction manual every parent wishes their  newborn came home with. 

Naturally made for you, by you. Processed with careful attention, uniformity, professionalism and above all, safety by our professionally trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialists.

Our Childbirth Education class covers pregnancy basics, stages of labor, pain management, delivery, newborn care, postpartum recovery, and more!