A Night with your Postpartum Doula

Sleeping baby

You have brought that sweet bundle of joy home, are getting all settled in and then it hits.  Your precious baby wants to hang out and party all night and you just want to lay your head on your pillow and get some zzz’s. 

Omaha Birth & Babies is here to help!  We have certified postpartum doulas who can’t wait to help you get that much needed sleep.  Having someone come into your home may have you a bit hesitant but rest assured you will not regret it.  So how does a typical night look when you have a postpartum doula in your home? 

We start off getting to know you, your baby and your household.  What does your ideal night look like?  Are you pumping, formula feeding or exclusively breastfeeding?  How often is baby eating, how much is baby eating, does he/she have reflux or gas that keeps them from settling in to sleep?  Where is baby sleeping?  Does he/she like to be swaddled?  No stone is left unturned.  

We are now all acquainted and know where all the baby supplies are, have a plan for feeding and getting you a good nights rest.  You head off to bed leaving baby with the wonderful doula you have bonded with.   While you are sleeping, your doula is giving the absolute best care possible.  We feed, burp, change, rock, and snuggle your little one then get them all settled in their safe sleeping environment.  When that little one wakes up or fusses, we are right there getting up to help soothe and comfort their every need.   Our doulas rest while baby is resting so they are on their game when baby wakes. 

Morning time has come and you are feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.  You find the bottles are all washed, house is tidy and baby’s laundry is clean because your doula went the extra mile to make sure your day is off to a great start!  You will get a full report how the night went, from feeding amounts and times to diaper changes and all the in between.  In return your doula wants to hear how you felt the night went.  This is a team effort and open communication is key to success.  She will take notes and adjust anything needed for the next night shift.  You are now ready to take on the day with your little peanut!  

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