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Our Mission

Our mission is three-fold: First, to enhance the wellbeing of mothers, babies, and families through education, comfort and support during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. Second to bring awareness to the benefit of professional doula support. Third, to provide the gold standard in service, care, and integrity.

Our Promise

Our promise to Omaha families is to maintain a standard of excellence and to safeguard your trust. We promise to place your individual needs and hopes at the center, serve you in all of your choices without judgment, and to vet resources prior to recommending them. We  offer an extensive repertoire of comfort and care options, and be a bottomless reservoir of support and encouragement.

Our formula for success

  • A combined 10 years of experience
  • An unbeatable standard of confidentiality
  • A comprehensive approach to support
  • Flexibility and clear communication
  • The understanding that birth and parenting is unique to the individuals experiencing it

Omaha families appreciate the positive relationships that we have built between our team and area doctors, midwives, nurses, and hospital administrators.  We believe that collaboration is the strongest predictor of positive change.

Feel confident that when you engage our services that you are hiring the most seasoned, committed and respected doulas and educators in the Omaha metro area.

Omaha Birth & Babies can help you step into parenthood with confidence.

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Meet Shannon Barnett

Shannon Barnett is a compassionate woman who prioritizes the needs of postpartum parents and their newborns. Why? Because Shannon knows first-hand just how delicate and difficult recovering from giving birth while caring for an infant can be. In fact, it is what inspired her interest in becoming a professional postpartum doula.

Originally from Kansas, Shannon and her family made Omaha home in 2014 where she welcomed her second child. Smack dab in the middle of unexpected postpartum depression, a high needs baby and 3.5 hours away from family, Shannon vowed that no woman on her watch would ever have to experience what she had to walk through alone. That day a spark was lit. That day, Shannon made the decision to…  

become a professional postpartum doula.

Since 2015 Shannon has been supporting her clients through the emotionality of the postpartum recovery period, sleep deprivation, infant feeding and navigating the re-finding of oneself post birth. Shannon is a woman that other women confide in without fear of judgment.

Shannon believes in continuing her education in order to enhance the support that she provides and has trained with several of the leading Doula Certification Organizations, including ProDoula, DONA and CAPPA. Additionally, Shannon is a Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, Bengkung Belly Binder, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator and Newborn Educator. Additional trainings include  infant sleep, baby sign language and advanced doula training for multiples. 

Whether you are welcoming your first baby, or your fifth, whether you are having a singleton or quads, whether you are excited or terrified, Shannon brings the credibility, confidence, and compassion that allows you to experience all of it your way, on your terms, only better! She is Omaha’s very own baby whisperer. 

Shannon married the love of her life in 2010 and together, they have two daughters who truly complete them. Shannon is also committed to loving and nurturing Pickles the cat and Jinx the dog.

Meet Andrea Showers with Omaha Birth and Babies
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Meet Andrea Showers

Don’t be mis-lead by the youthful glow that radiates from Andrea Showers. There is an age old wisdom about this woman that seemingly unlocks a primitive power within her clients. Her loving and nurturing energy puts expectant parents at ease and provides assurance during times of doubt.

Andrea graduated from Iowa Western Community College in 2009 and began her career as a medical assistant. It wasn’t until she began researching “how to have a successful VBAC after 2 cesarean sections” that she found her true passion for supporting families as a doula.

With a personal story that includes surgical birth, vaginal birth after cesarean, postpartum depression, infertility, PCOS, and a fussy high needs baby, Andrea Showers is a triumphant mother who seeks solutions and does the hard work it takes to…

make it through whatever comes her way.

This is a woman you want on your birth team.

In January of 2015 she stepped into her rightful role as a birth doula and educator and has been providing exceptional support to women and their partners ever since.

Andrea holds several birth related certifications, and is deeply passionate about reducing fear and allowing peace to hold a place in the birth room. As a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Educator, her class attendees report enjoying their births, feeling more relaxed, and truly treasuring the fond memories associated with their births. Andrea is committed to helping her clients not only welcome their babies, but doing so in a manner that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Andrea knows, first-hand the feelings of loneliness that can accompany the postpartum period and her birth clients often turn to her for postpartum support and encouragement as well. As a postpartum doula, Andrea is there for them with passion and commitment.

With a deep love for football and ice cream (which she no longer eats since giving up dairy…) Andrea represents the best friend we all wish we had; you know, that bubble of love, energy and light that embodies complete acceptance. Andrea married her high school sweetheart in 2007 and together in faith, they are raising three fun, feisty and adorable children.

Kishta is a compassionate, reliable and flexible Newborn Care Specialist. With 13 years of hands on professional experience in a variety of childcare roles, this seasoned expert is equipped to make each client her number one priority. The organizational skills that Kishta has cultivated over the years set her apart in her role as a household manager and she brings that skillset with her into the homes of each new family she serves.

Strategies and systems are her middle names and they all revolve around the parenting philosophies of the client she is serving in the moment. Our clients simply adore her and report back that they want to keep her forever!

Kistha has the unique ability to mold herself into exactly what each client needs and she recognizes that those needs can change by the week, day, or even hour. It is her desire to work with parents to provide the best care for their children based on the desires of the parents. She aims to support your loving environment where as a family you can learn, grow and thrive!

Kishta’s dedication to professionalism is crystal clear. Her continued education keeps her current on all things relating to young children, their parents and the needs of growing families. She is a professional Newborn Care Specialist. Next, she will be adding Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula to her list of credentials!

The ability to know when to lean in and add guidance, and when to lean out and “hold space,” are talents that simply cannot be taught. If they were, Kishta would be the professor teaching the class, for this is her specialty and the one parents comment most often on.

Kishta is an avid reader who loves music, adventures, arts and crafts and the great outdoors! The love of her life is her sweetie pie, Penelope the dachshund.

Michelle brings peace and balance to everything she does and supporting newly postpartum parents is no exception to that rule. Michelle is both a student and a teacher. Her focus on personal enrichment through on going education and her class offerings that enable the empowerment of others, positions Michelle as a source of light, energy and wisdom for those that seek it.

Michelle holds a degree in elementary education and physical therapy. She has studied Baby Sign Language, and is certified in Conflict Coaching and Mediation through Peacemaker Ministries. Michelle continues to add to her knowledge base by taking courses in exercise, nutrition, chronic pain, and mental health issues; particularly those affecting postpartum women.

While Michelle values education, she also holds respect for tradition. She is known for coupling the spirit of old-school philosophies with the current best practices of raising and nurturing families.

Trained through CAPPA as a Postpartum Doula and New Parent Educator, Michelle encourages new parents to trust themselves and helps them to create a sense of stability as they find their innate parenting rhythm.

Michelle is best described as honest, reliable and trustworthy. Friends say that her desire to communicate about all things big or small, casual or controversial, creates a level of unity and mutual respect amongst them. At the center of who Michelle is, is her faith. She is a lover of bible study and enjoys lengthy conversations around God and His world.

Michelle is a firm believer in the power of support and offers in-home education, support for moms and their partners, baby care, light housekeeping, as well as meal planning and cooking services. She is currently developing a new program for soon-to-be grandparents.

Michelle has 37 years invested in a beautiful marriage with her husband Dan and together they have 3 adult children and 2 glorious grandchildren. When not working, you can find Michelle either outdoors hiking, gardening or biking or indoors curled up with a good book and a hot cup of joe.

Kimberly has always had a special place for infants and new mommas.  At the ripe old age of five, she was helping her recently postpartum mother by changing her baby brother’s diapers and cleaning around the house.  By twelve, she was babysitting for infants in her small hometown and she continued nannying through college and law school.  She never dreamed caring for babies and postpartum families could be a career, so she took a “traditional” career path and became an attorney.
Kimberly struggled with postpartum mood disorder after having her own children (twin boys who spent over three weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).   As she emerged from her depression, she knew her calling was to help other parents.  Thirty years after her initial soiree into nurturing infants and new parents, she first heard the term “postpartum doula.”  Kimberly knew this was the perfect career.  As a close friend encouraged,  “this makes total sense.  You were a born nurturer.”  Kimberly lives in Lincoln with her two children, husband, and dog.

Rhonda, graduated from Albany Technical College in 1999 as a Licensed Practical Nurse who quickly found out that being a nurse was more about task completion than patient care and interaction. Her extensive experience in antepartum, labor and delivery and postpartum care sets her apart as a doula enabling her to help normalize every aspect of the postpartum period. This makes her a great asset to the families she supports.

Rhonda has been drawn to caring for new moms and babies for as long as she can recall and believes that it’s what she was put on this Earth to do. She is a safe place to turn in moments of vulnerability as her loving and genuine nature leave no room for judgment. Rhonda is a trusted friend, colleague and professional and others find comfort in her presence. The foggy first months of parenthood are too important to lose, according to Rhonda and she is passionate about being the “fog light” that helps families find their way through it. Encouragement, affirmation and compassion are the cornerstones on which Rhonda has built her impeccable reputation in the birth world. Rhonda is professionally trained by CAPPA and holds CPR and First Aid Certification through the Red Cross.

Rhonda is well traveled. As a result of her father meeting her mother while stationed in the Netherlands, she spent her childhood living in various US states as well as a considerable amount of time in Europe. Rhonda is fluent in Dutch and believes that traveling as much as she has, has enlightened her in immeasurable ways.

Rhonda is a woman who won’t settle! For that reason, it took her longer than most to find her “needle in the haystack.” In 2003 she married the love of her life, Tim,  Their two boys have made it their life’s work to challenge their parents’ sanity on a daily basis. Rhonda shares her love for travel with her family and as a photography hobbyist, her camera is a constant companion.

Kelly is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant – certified through the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting. She has spent the last 19 years in different training capacities, helping families adjust to life with newborns, solving sleep challenges, and overcoming potty training nightmares.

When not busy providing consultations or teaching classes, you’ll find her with her husband, four boys (ages 13, 11, 8 & 8), and their Border Terrier named Oliver. Many hours are spent cheering on the boys from the bleachers or parked in her favorite purple camping chair on the sidelines. Kelly loves rainy or snowy days when everything is canceled and the whole family is at home together. She is also a lover of dark chocolate, flavored coffee, and sweater weather.

Kelly became a certified Sign2Me Instructor and launched Kelly’s Little Signers in 2006, after teaching her first son to sign and experiencing the endless benefits of incorporating baby sign language into their own lives. She taught classes at local hospitals, colleges, and childcare centers to teach parents and providers how to communicate with preverbal infants and toddlers. Most recently, Kelly developed an on-line baby sign language class so parents and providers can learn to sign at their own pace, in their own home.

While her first son led to her passion about signing with babies, it was her second son that led her to Dr. Harvey Karp’s soothing techniques. After discovering how well the techniques worked to calm her own very fussy baby, Kelly became a certified Happiest Baby Educator in 2009 and began sharing these magical techniques with new parents.

In 2010 she found herself pregnant with twins and ready to conquer the challenge armed with the knowledge and experience she’d gained over the years. Having had four boys in five years Kelly is confident that she has seen and tried everything!

Always evolving her knowledge and services, Kelly became a certified Infant Massage Instructor and has enjoyed teaching parents about the soothing power of touch. Kelly also provides additional training classes for Nebraska providers including: Safe With You (preventing SIDS, Abusive Head Trauma, and Child Abuse & Neglect), Love & Logic, and play safe! be safe! (fire safety & prevention).

Kelly has seen first-hand how important sleep is for babies and young children and the significant impact it has on their overall health and happiness. She also has seen the amazing impact it has on the entire family when a child can successfully sleep through the night. Kelly is deeply passionate in sharing her vast knowledge and experiences to positively impact the lives of the families she’s so fortunate to help.

Brittany found her calling to support new families through her own desire to have a sense of community as a newer mom. Brittany joined several mom support/play groups and quickly found that the spirit of comradery she found there met a need she didn’t even know existed within her.

Having dreamed her whole life of becoming a wife and mother, Brittany is most comfortable when she is serving and supporting others. First as a hairdresser, Brittany loved contributing to the beauty of other women. Watching a woman look in the mirror and appreciate their reflection after you pour into them, is wonderfully rewarding. But something was missing…

As a doula, Brittany contributes to the strength of other women and helps them to unlock an innate wisdom that she knows lives within them. When a newly postpartum woman looks in the mirror and recognizes the beauty of who she is actually becoming due in part to what she has poured into them, the rewards far outweigh those of a new haircut… Brittany is passionate about supporting others and believes that unbiased, nonjudgmental care connects people to the most authentic versions of themselves. She is proud to contribute to others in this way.

Brittany is a Breastfeeding Counselor through Breastfeeding USA which has been a tremendous asset to the breastfeeding families she serves as a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. Additionally, Brittany holds a Baby Sign Certification through Baby Bliss. The guidance and encouragement Brittany brings, coupled with her desire to serve others leaves families feeling capable, confident and equipped.

Brittany has spent the past 12 years loving being loved by her husband, Andrew. Their son, four year old Theo loves working on hot rods and going fishing with his mom and dad! Brittany loves a coffee date with friends, a clean kitchen, and a secret candy stash that no one else knows about!

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