I am Allison Chalek founder and owner of Allison Chalek Photography!

I am a wife to an amazing husband, a mother to two beautiful little boys who mean the entire world to me, and last but not least, a mommy to 3 dogs! I started doing photography in 2015 and quickly fell in love with the magic behind it all, turning moments into art to be cherished forever, its pretty special! I didn’t always start out with birth photography in mind. In March 2017 I had my second son via water birth. I had a quicker labor and my husband failed to call our parents so it was just me, him, and our doula. I was over the moon trying my best to tell my Birth story as best I could for my family and friends, but a key piece was missing, THE PHOTOS! We live in a time where technology is booming and photos are becoming more and more of a key component in our story telling and memory recall. Have you ever looked back at a photo and re remembered the tiniest details of a day that you otherwise would have forgotten?! Then it dawned on me that not only do I have the power to create beautiful birth stories for clients, but that through the beauty of photography I also have the opportunity to help change the way our society views birth! So in June of 2017 I booked my first birth client and have been hooked ever since! Birth is so unique and different for everyone making each birth session so special and dear to my heart!

"Birth is Beautiful.”
-Allsion Chalek
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