Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula
Certified CPR & First Aid

Once you meet Amy, you will soon understand why her family, friends and clients adore her.  This compassionate and quiet woman is the kind of doula you need when you bring your newborn home.  Amy loves newborns and little children, but her deep passion is for the new mother. Caring for this incredible woman who is healing from birth, learning to breastfeed, needing emotional support and a quiet listening ear is where Amy thrives. 

Having always been an educated and professional woman, Amy found the highest credentialed and respected doula certification organization to become trained and certified with. Her deep desires while working with families are: to encourage communication between partners, provide positivity and affirmations to encourage her clients to believe in their strengths as a mother, and to do whatever she can to make sure mom’s needs are met. This may include caring for the sweet newborn, watching a movie with some popcorn and listening to her client’s birth experience as they process, doing some helpful tidying around the house, running errands and much more. 

As a mother herself, Amy has had many trials throughout her pregnancy and postpartum journey. These experiences built who Amy is today and allowed her

to grow into the doula she is. Amy has personal experience in a rapid birth experience from preeclampsia that resulted in giving birth to a premature baby, NICU stays, tongue ties, breastfeeding struggles and complicated postpartum journey. Amy would say all of her experiences grew her into a knowledgeable, gentle, quiet yet strong woman who knows how to care well for mom and baby. 

When Amy is not caring for a doula family, you can find her with her family. Family time and dinners around the table are both significant to her. She and her husband have a beautiful son and a sweet pup. As a couple, the one-on-one time spent with each other and their child is important to growing a healthy intimate relationship. Each of her clients know they truly are building a lasting relationship with her as they embark on this new journey together. 

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