Andrea's Testimonials

​"I cannot tell you how impressed I was as Andrea coached our dear daughter in love through the birth of our first grandchild. Andrea was gentle, comforting, and encouraging. She helped Amanda be the most comfortable through the different stages of child birth. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting not just an advocate but a super-woman support team during their child birth experience." 

Mary Ann K.

​" My wife and I have used Andrea's service with two of our three children. I have to say from a husbands perspective I never really saw value in having a doula.... until we had one of course. It was unreal the difference in delivery that Andrea made even from my perspective. Seriously for our first child (no doula) I was on back duty, leg duty, shoulder rubbing and everything you can possibly imagine. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being able to help in that way, however for the two children we had with Andrea I was able to hold my wife's hand, help her breathing and be a more mental and emotional support rather than physically supporting through massages etc. Andrea was amazing about knowing exactly how to make my wife as comfortable as possible and was truly there to make sure my wife and I had the best experience possible. No doctor or nurse has ever/ can ever replace the service Andrea provided for our two deliveries.

Rory V.

"I used (Andrea) for my fourth child...but my first unmedicated birth. I knew somewhat what to expect from having other kiddos...but once in labor was oh so happy to have her there. She did a great job at supporting me to keep labor progressing, and at the same time listening to my concerns and supporting my voice with the medical staff. She did an amazing job of being there for me through a very quick and hard active labor- by using different techniques such as pressure points on my back, different positions, etc. She was a calm but strong support when I needed it at the peak of my pain. She did a great job of helping me breathe through contractions, and supporting me and my spouse by being an extra hand and reassurance in the room. She also did a great job of capturing some candid photos of that most special moment. Ones that I will cherish forever. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have someone who supports them and can be their advocate in the delivery room!"

Ellie D.

​"Andrea was a doula for a birth that I was photographing last month. Prior to meeting her I didn’t have a plan for if I ever have a second child but by the time I left the birth I know that if I chose to have more children I would hire her.
Although I have only had one birth experience, I kept comparing my own to the one where Andrea was present. The emotional support, the informational support, and the physical support were all outstanding. But what surprised me most is how doctors and nurses talked differently to the patient really explaining her options in more detail to enable her to have the type of birth the patient wanted. Another difference I saw was, when I had my child, I held him for moments before they rushed him away for me for shots, measurements, etc. Andrea made sure to protect “the sacred hour” of the mom and the baby where they could be skin to skin, and it was truly the most beautiful thing I had ever seen."

Sarah C.

"This girl is professional and has a heart to help her clients in every area possible."

Rachel C.

​"Andrea was our amazing doula for our second daughter. She was such a great asset and source of support and information that I have referred her to several other mom's to be! She took the time to become familiar and trained in our birthing method, Hypnobabies, and we had an amazing birth with her support. She told me she didn't feel like she had to do much during our birth, but we couldn't have had the birth that we wanted without her help! She was a calm and constant support for months prior to our birth and especially the day of. Short version is that my water broke at about 5am and the baby wasn't dropping despite having pressure waves (contractions) throughoutthe day. We had some interventions, but we were educated and encouragedby Andrea to advocate for more time to make decisions. We had our beautiful girl at almost 12am that day! Andrea was there for us the whole day through texts, phone calls and in person and it was even her (10th) anniversary! We were blessed to have her as our birth support and would highly recommend her to anyone having a baby!"

Julie B.

"Andrea was a key part in our birth story, and helped my husband and I to achieve the natural birth that we had hoped for--an extra special feat considering it was an induction"

Laurel W.

"When we found out we were having a third baby, I knew I wanted to try for an unmedicated birth (like I did with my second child) but also knew I would need excellent support to make that happen. After a great initial meeting, Andrea was the doula we chose. She was warm and friendly but also professional and organized. She listened to all of our concerns, answered questions and made an awesome birth plan that reflected our desires and also impressed the nursing staff.  :) Our practice birthing session was really helpful to prepare us for everything we needed to know when our daughter's birthday arrived. Andrea met us at the hospital and was just the support we needed and wanted all through my birthing time. Along with my husband, she provided all the physical, mental and emotional support I needed the most. She was calm, in control and thoughtful. She provided all the direction we needed without being pushy or overbearing. She even took photos, helped me stay hydrated and made sure I ordered room service before she left the hospital. I had the quickest and most smooth unmedicated birth of all three of my births and am confident that Andrea's support played a huge role in the joyful, peaceful, healthy arrival of our daughter. She's a gem and although I'm 100% never having another baby, if I ever needed a doula again, I would hire her in a heartbeat!"

Emily E.

"Andrea is amazing at what she does! I am 100% convinced that her knowledge, encouragement, and support through my (very long) labor was one of the main reasons that I was able to achieve the natural birth that I wanted."

Amanda K.

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