Birth Support

Birth… joyous and beautiful
Birth… transformative and humanizing
Birth… exciting, yet unpredictable
Birth… maybe a little scary?

At Omaha Birth & Babies, we recognize the myriad of feelings that come with having a baby. We believe that the way a woman is made to feel while giving birth can impact her for the rest of her life. We want that impact to be positive, joyful and memorable. Our professional birth doulas are here to help you create a birth story you will love sharing and will treasure forever.

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We are trained, experienced professionals with hundreds of births among us. We know that you value knowledge, that you have important decisions to make and that you are a unique individual. We can help you and your partner sift through the plethora of confusing information so that you may have confident conversations with your medical team and make informed decisions for you and your baby.

We understand the physiological process of birthing and are experts in comfort, encouragement and in drawing out strengths you never knew you possessed.

Birth is better when you work together. Your doulas help your partner to support your every need. They know positions and activities for both comfort and progress and can make suggestions to help with relaxation and rest. They share the physical tasks when needed and offer your partner opportunities for food, rest and bathroom breaks.

Whether you desire an epidural for comfort and relaxation, you dream of a completely natural birth with zero interventions or somewhere in between, we respect your choices and support them without judgment. Your doula team will meet you prenatally to get an understanding of your vision and to provide information where needed. We’ll get to know you and your partner, learn each of your desires and concerns and help you create a birthing plan for supporting your unique needs.

We are Team YOU.

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We’d love to walk you through our process and show you how we can support you.

Once you’ve engage the support of Omaha Birth & Babies for birth, you can expect the following benefits:

•You will be invited and welcomed into our private Facebook forum which enables a sense of community for new parents!
• We will arrange your prenatal meetings with your doulas to organize your birth wishes and come to a deeper level of connection leading to your birth.
• You will be invited to our “Bump & Baby” monthly enrichment gatherings where you will feel the support of the entire Omaha Birth & Babies team!
• You will have unlimited email and telephone support from your doulas for the remainder of your pregnancy.
• Your doula will meet you, at your request, either at home or at the hospital when you are in labor and will be with you through the entire process once you invite them in.
• Your doula will stay with you post birth for a period of time to ensure you are comfortable and settled as a new family.
• You will receive 1 hour of at-home postpartum and lactation support as you recover from the birth of your baby.

Take the first step to hiring your doula and fill out our contact form or give us a call.


Birth Doula Service Investment 

Investment is requested in three different intervals

1/3  (315.00) is requested when we sign the service agreement

1/3 (315.00) is requested at your 36 week and 0 days of pregnancy

Final 1/3 (315.00) is requested within 14 days of your birth.

Total investment – $945.00


We are excited to hear from you and will respond to you quickly. We know you will feel more at ease once you have hired your doula. 

Photograph by Penny Layne Photography