Breech Babies

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If your baby is breech you might be wondering what you can do to get them to flip.

One thing we always recommend is Spinning Babies maneuvers. You can Google “spinning babies breech baby” and find lots of tricks but one of our favorites is the Forward Leaning Inversion.

The Forward Leaning Inversion is done about 5 to ten times a day and it only takes 30 seconds each time.  You basically go upside down, knees on a comfy sofa or chair, and breathe three deep breaths and then come straight back up. Repeat about every two hours.

You can also do the Side Lying Release in between the forward leaning inversions.  This will help baby continue to move.

Another technique is the Spinning Babies Abdominal lift and tucks. These are helpful during your birthing time too.

We also recommend listening to the Hypnobabies “Turn Your Breech Baby” hypnosis track as well as chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.

In the end, if none of this works you have an option to have your medical provider rotate baby from the outside, called an ECV (External Cephalic Version). Your provider will do this with an ultrasound and their hands. Sometimes they also like to use an epidural because it can help relax your pelvic floor and make it more comfortable for you.

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