Can I breastfeed and drink coffee?

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As mothers, we hardly sleep but still must function like we have had a full night’s rest. Because of this, moms have been surviving motherhood through caffeine. But is all this caffeine okay while you are nursing your baby? How much is too much caffeine while breastfeeding?

According to Le Leche League International, up to 300 mg of caffeine is safe for breastfeeding mothers to consume. That is like 24 ounces of coffee, 48-64 ounce of green tea, about 35 ounces of black tea, three Red Bulls, five cans of Mountain Dew, or about seven cans of other popular caffeinated sodas. 

If your baby is sensitive to caffeine or you drink more than the recommended mg of caffeine each day, your baby may become extra fussy or wakeful after breastfeeding.

It takes about two hours after breastfeeding for trace amounts of caffeine to pass on to your baby so the fussiness or wakefulness may not be immediately after breastfeeding. Many babies are not bothered by this amount of caffeine. These “side effects” go away once the caffeine is out of your breastmilk.

  If you happen to notice your little one is sensitive to caffeine you may want to lessen your caffeine consumption until they get a little bit older. If your baby seems to be doing just fine with your caffeine consumption, keep on enjoying it! Drink that drink, eat that chocolate and keep hitting up your nearest Scooters.

Now, if you are reading this and have a little one who doesn’t do well with caffeine and are wondering how will you survive without it you may be interested in learning about Omaha Birth & Babies Overnight Postpartum Doula Services.

Our certified doulas may be just what you need to help during this time of transition in your life. Our doulas come into the home and care for your baby during the night, allowing you and your partner to get a full night’s rest. Since you are breastfeeding, you can either have the doula give your baby pumped milk so you can rest ALL night or your doula will bring your baby to you in bed when it is time to nurse.  When your baby is done nursing you can roll over and catch some zzzz while your doula does the diaper changes, burping and soothing back to sleep.

This nighttime support will help you wake up feeling rested and ready to conquer the day – caffeine-free.

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