Can you Eat Sushi while Pregnant?

Can you Eat Sushi while Pregnant?

Let’s talk my favorite subject! Food! Better yet, my favorite food… SUSHI!

Have you ever heard the tale that pregnant women can’t eat sushi? I did too. I stopped eating all sushi when I was pregnant. No one told me that there are types of sushi to stay away from and some to devour into.

Raw or undercooked sushi shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant women BUT the cooked stuff, that’s a different story.

Not only CAN you eat sushi while pregnant, adding certain seafood can be very beneficial to your diet and health. Eating different types of seafoods will add protein, iron and zinc and DHA. All of which help you maintain a healthy pregnancy, help your growing baby, and keep you healthy.

You want to aim for anywhere between 8oz. and 12oz. of low mercury fish each week. You can keep an eye on what fish is safe via this website . Usually wild caught salmon, shrimp, lobster and crab are all on the safe list.

This means my absolute favorite sushi would be a good option. If you haven’t gone to Blue Sushi, it’s delicious, loud, but delicious.

My go to order at Blue includes:

Hotel Cali: which is a spicy crab, cream cheese, jalapenos, fried with this yummy chili sauce on it (IMO, it’s not spicy)

South Pacific:  which gives a burst of pineapple into your mouth with eel tempura and eel sauce. Very delightful and refreshing.

Thriller: which is my number 1 favorite!  It does have a kick to it, but is shrimp and crab, a delicious creamy sauce, with a thin lemon slice on top.

Who wants to meet for some sushi now? I’m starving!

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