Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Danielle has supported more than 350 couples as they emerged as new parents through the normal yet unpredictable process of giving birth.

Danielle is a nurturer by nature who sees strength where others see weakness and who sees growth and beauty where others see anxiety and fear.

Danielle came to this work after giving birth herself in what she refers to as “complete ignorance” and then watched her daughter do the same. She recalls being at a holiday party where she met a woman who was a doula. After a brief description of this woman’s work, Danielle dove head first into research. It was then that she began learning about the amazing and intricate process of birth and the changes that take place as a result of it.

Stunned by her ignorance, Danielle realized that there must be millions of others who don’t know how much they don’t know about birth. She knew then that she was put on this earth to support others in gaining knowledge, physically comforting them and emotionally supporting them.

She attended the first available doula training in her area and has never been able to quench her thirst for new knowledge since.

Danielle is a life learner who holds several certifications and has trained

through many organizations on both doula support and advanced doula care.

Danielle holds dear the value of unconditional support, believes that it takes a village and shares her knowledge, experience and love for community by providing advanced education and mentorship to new doulas as well as sharing labor support skills and support team relations at local hospitals.

Her husband/sweetheart is Rex. They have a son and a daughter and two teenaged grandsons who own her heart. With a love for everything from Mother Theresa to Metallica, Danielle lives life to its fullest! With the exception of throwing a basketball through a hoop, there is nothing on earth that she aspires to, that she can’t or won’t accomplish. Currently, she aspires to live a long healthy and active life and to serve birthing families until retiring as “the crazy old lady in the woods”.

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