Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula
Certified CPR and First Aide

Emily is a compassionate and dedicated Certified Postpartum Doula with a heart for mothers and their newborn babies. With a strong background in childcare and a passion for motherhood, Emily has spent countless hours that focus on nurturing and supporting new families. As a mother of two children herself, Emily understands firsthand the joys and challenges of parenthood and the importance of a strong support system.

Emily’s experience living near a supportive network of family members has given her a deep appreciation for the positive impact that a strong support system can have on a family’s well-being. She values the individual relationships her children have formed with each family member.

 Additionally, Emily has a unique perspective on the demands of having a spouse with a high-pressure job, which has given her insights into the challenges that new mothers face when juggling the demands of parenthood and household responsibilities. Emily and her husband made the decision to move to Omaha to allow him to pursue his passion for medicine while giving him the flexibility to be more present at home. This decision led to her experiencing the struggles of relocating to a new area and needing to find additional support. This new growth allows  Emily to go even deeper in her relationship with the families she


As a Certified Postpartum Doula, Emily is committed to providing nurturing support to new mothers and families who are looking to expand their support system. She understands the physical and emotional toll that childbirth and postpartum recovery can take on a woman’s body and mind and strives to lift the weight that new mothers carry during this difficult but memorable time. Emily’s kind heart and calm demeanor make her a trustworthy and compassionate caregiver for newborn babies and their families. With Emily’s delicate hands, you can rest assured that your sweet, precious baby will be well taken care of.

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