Postpartum and Infant Care Doula
CPR and First Aid

Faith’s journey as a certified postpartum and infant care doula is a beautiful tapestry woven with attributes of friendliness, care, honesty, and an innate ability to connect with others. Her dedication to each unique family she serves shines through her genuine interest in tailoring her support to their specific needs. Her work is a manifestation of her innate curiosity, as she eagerly delves into the dynamics and preferences of the families she assists, allowing her to provide adaptable and personalized care that deeply resonates.

At the core of Faith’s heart is an unwavering commitment to ensuring new mothers receive the care they deserve as they embark on their transformative journey into motherhood. She recognizes both the challenges and joys that come with this phase of life, and she is resolute in her mission to create an environment where mothers can not only survive but thrive. Faith’s intuitive ability to assess situations grants her a unique perspective to identify areas where her support can be most impactful. Whether it’s helping with household tasks, caring for precious¬†babies or creating a nurturing space for mother-baby bonding, Faith takes the initiative to make a profound difference.

Families who have been touched by Faith’s presence often express their heartfelt gratitude for her unwavering support. She becomes a steadfast pillar of strength during pivotal moments of transition, thanks to her astute perception of needs and her seamless ability to act upon them. Faith’s empathetic nature and sincere desire to see others flourish in their roles make her a trusted and cherished presence in their lives.


With experience caring for children and a deep wellspring of innate qualities, Faith truly embodies the essence of a caring and adaptable doula. Her dedication to serving, learning, and understanding the unique needs of each family she encounters make her an exceptional partner on the journey through postpartum and early parenthood.

Beyond her professional identity, Faith’s personal attributes come to life in her love for adventure, her bubbly and easy-going personality, and her innate desire to help and serve others. Her strong bond with her family, including two playful dogs, underscores her commitment to fostering connection and joy. Faith’s ability to effortlessly strike up conversations and connect with new people reflects her extroverted nature, while her appreciation for occasional solitude demonstrates her well-rounded approach to self-care.

In her journey of serving families, Faith remains grateful for the opportunity bestowed upon her by the Lord. Her passion for helping others and her years of experience with diverse families have further enriched her path, and every moment of her work is a testament to her love for her calling as a doula.

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Faith is wonderful! We loved having her in our home and caring for our children.

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