Four Great Reasons to Hire a Doula Agency


We take the work out of finding a doula so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy and baby even more.

Last time I purchased a new washing machine I spent days and hours researching. I compared features, top load or front load, low water, gentle cycle. I compared warranties, asked friends and Facebook friends for recommendations then poured over endless reviews. All that for just an appliance that cleans my clothes. Imagine how much more time you will spend thinking of all the important decisions you’ll make for life’s most precious moments – the birth of your child and then bringing your new baby home. 

Not many families want to do this part of their lives all on their own so that means… you’ve got a team to build. Who will you trust to support you and help you in your most intimate and vulnerable time, the birth of your baby? Who will you welcome into your home for hours on end to guide and support you while your family adapts to a new normal? Will you need breastfeeding help? You’ve heard that encapsulating your placenta can help with the postpartum period, is it right for you? Sounds stressful, right? Our doula agency streamlines this process to help make this area of life easier for you. Here are our top four reasons for hiring a doula agency:

1. Our doulas are screened with an initial interview; clean background checks, verified
positive references, CPR certification, insurance and affirmed trainings and/or certifications. 
We’ve simplified the hiring process for you. When you hire us you can relax, knowing that
we have selected only the best, most qualified doulas to support your family. Now, when
you meet your doula, you can focus on getting to know each other, building connection and
planning for your new arrival.

2. Your doula’s focus is on you. Did you ever meet a nurse who said they loved charting?
Of course not, they entered nursing to help people, still charting is a necessary aspect of
the job. Doulas are the same, they are passionate about helping you transition into
parenting peacefully and confidently still there are necessary business tasks. The agency
takes care of business for them; our admin team takes outreach, marketing, billing, intake
and scheduling off the doula’s plate allowing them to focus on what they are good at and
what they love, caring for you. The agency provides them with both administrative and peer
support so they can attend advanced trainings, have a balanced personal life and provide
top notch service to you, without feeling worn down.

3. If two heads are better than one, imagine what can be done with an entire team plus a
community of hundreds. Each team member brings an invaluable niche and when you work
with us you get to take away a piece of everyone’s expertise. In addition to the combined
expertise that your personal doula brings, you have the opportunity to know our entire team
and grow together as a community through our private Facebook forum and our monthly
enrichment meet ups. In the event that your doula becomes sick or an emergency takes
them away for a day, our full team is here to back them up and provide you with continuous
and reliable care.

4.     Continuity of care is linked to better birth and postpartum outcomes. We offer a vast
range of services to support you from pregnancy to parenthood.  Our services include –
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis classes, postpartum & newborn care support, birth support, placenta
encapsulation, lactation counseling, breastfeeding classes, infant sleep support, newborn &
CPR classes, belly binding and car seat safety. We can help you design the perfect
combination of services based on your individual needs. We are Team You!!!

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