The Step to Enrolling in your Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Class.
1. Fill out the Pre-Enrollment form. You can get to that page by clicking here!

2. Andrea will email or call you back to talk to you about what Hypnobabies is, what it is not and how the class can really benefit you. You also have time to ask as many questions that you have about the class during this time to find out if Hypnobabies is the right childbirth education class for you.

3. When you decide that Hypnobabies is the right class for you, please tell Andrea so she can get you fully registered for your Hypnobabies class. 

4. Andrea will email you with a link to the Hypnobabies website so you and your Birth Partner can fill out the needed forms. (super easy peasy stuff)

5. The Hypnobabies office contacts Andrea letting her know that you and your Birth Partner have filled out the needed registration forms.

6. Andrea contacts you and requests your deposit for the class. 

7. When she has received your deposit, she sends you your first 2 Hypnobabies tracks, and gives you all the needed information to make sure you are ready for the first class.

8. Andrea sends you a remind at 1 week before class and the day before class begins to make sure your mom brain didn't keep you from your easy and more comfortable birth :-)

9. Enjoy your class very much! Enjoy preparing for your calm & joyful birth.