How Omaha Birth & Babies Doulas are Keeping your Family Safe During COVID-19

covid safety with doula

Now, more than ever, families are searching for what options are available to them for postpartum support as they are trying to navigate having a newborn in the middle of COVID-19.

Families are facing challenges that have not been seen for generations. It isn’t like we can pick up the phone and ask our mothers or grandmothers for their wise advice of what they did during this situation like many parents do when they are facing something unfamiliar for the first time.

Mothers are facing the day to day postpartum challenges AND additional extreme stressors such as the possibility of e-learning with older children and having a newborn, a partner who is home but unavailable because there is virtual work to be done, unable to leave the home to “get out” for a moment, etc and all while having limited support.

Family members are not able to travel, inviting your village of friends and family into the home to care for you, your newborn, and older children can seem like a scary thought.

No wonder postpartum anxiety and depression are at an all-time high.

Our mommy hearts are with you. Our doula hearts are with you. We know you are carefully navigating these uncharted waters and are trying to find a balance between safety and sanity.

As we have seen an increase of professional in-home postpartum support, we know that you are not only seeking support but safety.

When you come to Omaha Birth & Babies you and your family are our number one priority. For your safety our doulas are: properly trained on how and when to use PPE , are Certified National COVID-Ready Caregivers and they continue to take social distancing seriously. They are also utilizing contactless delivery of groceries, limiting the need to be in public and are properly wearing masks when around others. They are also performing temperature checks before leaving their home for a client visit and temperature checks upon arrival at clients home.

Our clients have the option to have your doula support one family- your family – at a time while wearing masks in your home ,maintaining social distance when possible in your home, limited contact to no contact with your newborn if you wish, washing hands upon entry of your home and throughout each shift.

We want you to know how seriously we take your families health and safety in heart. We want you to know you have reliable, trustworthy and SAFE options to having the postpartum support your family needs now more than ever.

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