Hydrotherapy in the Hospitals

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Feeling that warmth over each part of your body as you step into a luxurious and massive whirlpool tub, is one of the best feelings during childbirth. The way the water allows you to feel as if you are weightless and how the perfectly temperature water wraps your muscles with relief is why Hydrotherapy is so requested.

Many people find showers and baths relaxing, but sadly many don’t have a bathtub that will allow your entire body to be submerged, covering all the parts you desire to be in the water. Thankfully, hospitals have realized how amazingly helpful hydrotherapy can be to women in labor and made sure to get some really good options.

In the Omaha Metropolitan area we have five very popular hospitals and all have access to large tubs. If you are wanting a tub room, we always recommend making sure your provider knows ahead of time.

Speaking of providers, in our experience, the tubs rooms are typically used most often for the midwife patients, so choosing a midwife to be your practitioner may be something to consider if you happen to be a low risk birther. 

While you are on the way to the hospital, you should call ahead and let the labor and delivery department know that you will be in soon and would like to hold a tub room if one is available.

Getting into the warmth of the water is not always possible however. Not all hospitals have submersible monitors to use if you need to have your baby’s heartbeat watched continuously. You would want to double check with the hospital you are giving birth at to see if having your baby’s heartbeat monitored in the water was an option.

Below is a breakdown in alphabetical order, on how many large whirlpool tubs each Labor and Delivery floor.

CHI Bergan Mercy

Bergan has two large tubs and four connections. This means that only two women will be able to utilize the tubs at one time, but if that mother chooses not to use the tub, it can be wheeled into a different room where there are hook ups for someone else to use. Bergan also has showers in each room.

CHI Immanuel

Immanuel is special in that they have a Birth Center inside the hospital, but apart from the Labor and Delivery unit. (It’s literally next door). The Birth Center has two large rooms that have two large tubs that you can give birth in. YES, you read that correctly. You may push your baby out into the world in these two tubs.

Apart from the Birth Center, the Labor and Delivery floor has one freestanding bathtub that mothers can use if they desire to give birth in the water, but don’t wish to use the birth center rooms. Aside from the one waterbirth tub, Immanuel has normal, more shallow bathtubs and showers in each room.  

CHI Lakeside:

Lakeside has two large tubs available for moms who request them. Otherwise, each room has a shower to enjoy your hydrotherapy.

Methodist Womens:

Methodist Womens have six rooms with very large tubs that two people could each fit in (if you wanted). Otherwise, mom can sprawl all out and fully submerge herself into the warmth. Each tub also has a hand held shower extension so you can add extra hydrotherapy with a bath.

If you don’t get into one of the six tub rooms, you can enjoy a nice larger open area for a shower that has a handle faucet that moves and big enough to fit a large birth ball or chair in so you can sit and relax your muscles still.

University of Nebraska Medical Hospital:

UNMC has jacuzzi tubs in each of their rooms. They are deep but only wide enough for one person. Each tub also has the ability to take a shower as well.

Getting into a warm relaxing bath when your contractions are very powerful and strong has been nicknamed the “midwives epidural” so there has to be quite a bit of relief and comfort associated with it to live up to that nickname.

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