Certified Birth Doula
Postpartum and Infant Care Doula

Kaylin  is a one of a kind combination of nurturing and assertive.

Her journey into the birth work world is fueled by her own birthing experiences with her three children born in 2006, 2012, and 2014.

Having had her first child as a young age she noticed the absence of parent focused support in the birthing room and later on this would fuel her determination to become a passionate advocate for mothers, fathers, and babies starting in pregnancy and through the duration of the fourth trimester.

Kaylin has lived all over the world to include Italy, Japan, and Hawaii which makes her ability to connect with a wide variety of people somewhat of a super power in regards to both birthing families and the medical staff she works in partnership with.

She found her forever home in Omaha in 2017 and is incredibly excited to be a part of a growing birthing community here.

Since 2011 Kaylin has supported families through a wide variety of birthing stories including VBAC, VBAMC, first time families, multiples, homebirths, c-sections, inductions, and any combination in between that you can think of. Her passion and focus lies in creating a connection with the new parents,

herself, and their new babies in the most empowered and supported way possible. According to her clients she simply just finds a way to connect with you in the most intimate way possible at every new point in your birthing journey, allowing you to feel supported, loved, validated, and capable.

Kaylin married her husband atop a beautiful mountain in Salt Lake City in 2019 and together, they are navigating the wild journey of raising a teenage boy and two little girls. Kaylin is also wholly dedicated to her pack of dogs Carl, Seamus, and Lulu.

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