About Mariah

Birth Matters. This is something that I didn’t realize to be true until I went through it myself. I found myself reflecting on all of the advice that well- meaning people had given me regarding birth and found so much of the advice to be aimed towards avoiding any kind of pain or memory of being in labor. After giving birth to my precious son Ezra, I began to wish I could relive all of it- pain included. I was so saddened by the advice that was given to me and came to the conclusion that those women must not have had any kind of positive experience with birth. I wanted so badly to change that because birth is so transforming. With the proper support, childbirth can be the best experience in a woman’s life.

I was the woman who was very worried about what birth would be like. I thought about it night and day as the countdown to “baby day” got closer and closer. However, when labor came, I had never felt more confident and instinctual in my entire life. Not every woman feels this way of course, but the main thing to take away from this, is that birth matters. Thankfully, I had an amazing support team that encouraged me to educate myself as much as I could and because of that, I went in to labor with a positive attitude. My birth has inspired me to help other women enjoy their birth and have a positive experience with everything surrounding it. 

​As a childbirth doula, I strive to help every mother and her support team realize the importance of what happens on “baby day” Even if a woman’s birth ends up being the complete opposite of what she planned (because, well, babies have plans of their own no matter how much we try to control it) the way she was made to feel during that time will affect her for the rest of her life. As a doula, I support you and encourage YOU to find the strength you already have to trust your body, trust your instincts and enjoy the ride. I received my training from DONA International and am working on my certification. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and love helping moms and babies with breastfeeding when it doesn’t come easy right away! No matter what your birth plan and goals look like, I will be there for you.