Certified Birth Doula

As a young but avid viewer of shows like “A Baby Story” and “One Born Every Minute”, Mikelle fell in love with pregnancy and birth at an early age. Originally thinking she’d become an OB/GYN, once looking more closely into the impact birth had on women, she became infatuated with the idea of providing them with support around pregnancy that would be longer lasting than delivering babies.

Mikelle believes that the toll this cycle of life takes on women, mentally and physically requires a professional level of support. 

Once becoming pregnant herself, she began seeking fitness resources that would enable her to continue weight-lifting during pregnancy. Those resources were lacking terribly. It was then that Mikelle decided to work towards earning her Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist Certification, and began training other women. 

Helping women stay fit during and after pregnancy was incredibly satisfying to her, but Mikelle’s inner voice kept nudging her toward becoming a doula. When a fitness client who was benefiting from her coaching abilities asked Mikelle to be her doula for her upcoming birth, Mikelle interpreted it as the universe giving her the push she needed to begin her doula training. Mikelle was trained through CAPPA to provide Birth Doula support.

Mikelle reminds her clients to trust their instincts. “You will get advice from everyone and anyone, sometimes it can be hard to know what to think. It’s great to have a trusted source, but also, don’t forget to listen to your gut!”

When Mikelle is not working with a birth client, or spending time with her husband Wyatt and their two little ones, you can find Mikelle teaching group fitness classes. Currently she teaches Zumba, but also loves teaching weight lifting Group Power and Body Pump classes. Not only does Mikelle love teaching them, she loves attending them as well!

Mikelle resides in the Chalco area and attends births in Omaha and Council Bluffs NE.

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