Podcast Season 2 Episode 2 – Why Shannon Became a Doula

Shannon Podcast

We are so excited to share with you a two part podcast where Shannon and Andrea share about the hows and whys of becoming a doula. Below is a sneak peek into the 1st episode/

“Have you thought about hiring a postpartum doula because I just didn’t have much support here in Omaha, and I knew that I just couldn’t trust anybody with the delicate scenario. I was having intrusive thoughts which I knew I wouldn’t act upon, but they were there and I didn’t want to be shamed for that. I knew I couldn’t hand over a screaming baby to, you know, just a 14. 15, 16 year-old mommy helper. And I really needed someone who could walk alongside me and my journey, maybe give me some tips on how to soothe her. Something. I haven’t tried being able to hold space for me. Listen to me just vent about everything that was going on and how this crying baby just flipped my world upside down.”

Shannon Barnett

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