Doula Partnership

How it Works

You've decided you want to interview Omaha Birth & Babies (Andrea and Kate) as your birth doulas. 

You contact them to set up the time and place for your consultation.

Both Andrea and Kate will come to the meeting. You'll talk, you'll laugh, you'll discuss the fun stuff and they'll answer all of your family's questions about our services. You hire Omaha Birth & Babies because we not only seem like the best fit for you, but we can offer you many extra and helpful services -all in one easy transaction; and who are we kidding?  The easier anything is while pregnant, the better :-)

Once your family signs our Service Agreement and pays the Prenatal Retainer Fee,  Andrea and Kate both become your doulas. You have access to both of them from that moment until weeks after your baby is born.

You will have two prenatal meetings (if time allows) with the doulas. One of those will be with Andrea and the other will be with Kate. This will give you plenty of time to get to know each doula on a more personal level. You will work together with the doulas to design a birth preference sheet made just for you and they'll also give you a sneak peak into what you might expect during your birth at a birth rehearsal.  

Your birthing day is here. YAY!  Which doula comes to you to support you?

That answer depends on the call schedule.  Andrea and Kate aim to alternate attending births throughout each month. So, while Andrea goes to be with one family, the next family that calls for support will be supported by Kate. The next birth client gets supported by Andrea, then the next is Kate. We do this so that O.B.B. can give every client the very best support by ensuring that each family gets a well-rested and alert birth doula. 

The doula that attended your birth will come to you 2-14 days after your birth and visit with you about your postpartum healing and answer any questions you have. 

You also have access to both Andrea and Kate after your baby is born. Andrea and Kate are both trained postpartum doulas and can help you over the phone with questions you may have, or offer postpartum services to birth client families upon request.

So you see, it's important you like both of them when you hire Omaha Birth & Babies because either doula could be at your birth. We think that'll be pretty easy to do though, they are both lovely women with similair beliefs and personalities and their love for supporting families is obvious.
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