Placenta Encapsulation

Omaha Birth & Babies’ Placenta Encapsulation Specialists(PES) are trained by an internationally known organization, Placenta Benefits Info, LLC (PBI) which trains, supports, and supplies their specialists in a way that promotes uniformity, consistency, professionalism and above all, safety.

PBI  specialists are trained in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of preparation which steams the placenta to a minimum internal temperature of 160F degrees, the temperature necessary to kill bacteria, before dehydrating.

 What is Placenta Encapsulation

“Placental encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground, and placed into pills. Traditionally, this is taken by the mother and is believed to impart numerous health benefits.” Click here for article

-The American Pregnancy Association


Why Encapsulate?

Mothers who consume placenta capsules have reported reduced incidence and severity of Postpartum Depression(PPD), increased and fattier milk supply, reduced fatigue, higher energy, more rapid recovery, reduced bleeding time and generally improved sense of well-being.

Ingredients known to be present in the placenta and their healing properties:

  • Gonadotropin: the precursor to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
  • Prolactin: promotes lactation.
  • Oxytocin: for pain and bonding; produced during breastfeeding to facilitate bonding of mother and infant. In pharmaceutical form this is a very addictive drug because it promotes a feeling of connectiveness with others.
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone: boosts energy and helps recovery from stressful events.
  • Cortisone: combats stress and unlocks energy stores.
  • Interferon: stimulates the immune system to protect against infections.
  • Prostaglandins: anti-inflammatory.
  • Hemoglobin: replenishes iron deficiency and anemia, a common postpartum condition.
  • Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII: stops bleeding and enhances wound healing.
  • Gammaglobulin: immune booster that helps protect against postpartum infections.

Placenta Encapsulation Pricing

Andrea Showers Performing Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation Package

  • Traditional Chinese Method(TCM) prepared capsules (Avg Yield 100-150)
  • 60 Ml Tincure
  • Lovingly arranged dried cord art
  • Convenient pick up and delivery**
  • Fast turn around
  • Clear instructions and precautions on the labels
  • Phone/email support

Choose Your Location

Your Placenta Encapsulation Specialist will conveniently pick up your placenta from your birthing location, process it in her dedicated kitchen, following FDA, OSHA and local licensing guidelines and deliver your finished product to home or hospital.

Your Placenta Encapsulation Specialist will process in the familiar and secure environment of YOUR HOME, following FDA, OSHA and local licensing guidelines.

*$50.00 surcharge applies.
**Pick up and delivery services do not apply. Ask your specialist for care and transportation instructions

We’d love to walk you through our process and show you how we can support you.