Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness

Podcast - Fitness

We had the privilege of speaking with Shea Markley on Fitness when it comes to pre pregnancy , during pregnancy and after baby comes.

“Squats are a big thing, right? And later in life, really like until babys born like you’ll probably have something using your muscles, the strength that you’ve gained. It’ll make it a lot easier to go through labor, right? So that’s exciting.”

“Yeah, and that’s kind of another like added benefit of exercising while you’re pregnant, right? It kind of gives you that endurance that you’re going to need to get through labor and delivery. And, you know, it’s a process. And so, you know, kind of having that muscular endurance and strength to like you said there’s a lot of different birthing positions or you know, trying to progress labor. Like you’re going to be active, and so the more that you can kind of have been doing that up until that point. We’ll just only benefit you, you know, when you’re actually in the process of labor and then giving birth.”

“Yeah, absolutely.”

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