Night Nanny or Postpartum Doula; Which one is Best?

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Newborns do not sleep well at night. That is not a shocking statement. Every new mother knows and has been told, “get sleep while you can” because once the baby is born sleep comes in small intervals. On average new parents will get just four hours and 44 minutes of sleep an average night during the first year of their baby’s life.

As new parents, we drink our weight in caffeine and use toothpicks to keep our eyes open just to survive the day.

We are walking zombies counting the hours until nap time.

tired parents yawning wanting a night nanny

But what if…

·      You have older children and you do not get to sleep when the baby sleeps?

·      You need go back to work before your baby is sleeping well at night?

·      Your spouse needs a good night’s sleep to be at their best for their job?

·      You need sleep to be at your best?

Do you do it all on your own?

Do you just succumb to sleep deprivation?

How will you function with so little sleep?

What can you do to help your whole family get the sleep they need?

The answer is overnight sleep support.

What does that even really mean though? Well, new friends, let us explain the different options you have.

1. Night Nanny.

A night nanny is typically someone who does not have any formal training in caring for a newborn or a postpartum mother. Instead, their experience and expertise fall in line with what most think of when they hear the word nanny – someone who either learns on the job or from past personal experiences to care for your child while you are not around. In this case, while you are sleeping.

The night nanny will typically do the feedings, diapering, and burping. Some may also do light baby household tasks like baby laundry or baby dishes. An experienced night nanny, will likely have some knowledge of normal newborn expectations and a few tips and tricks for helping your baby sleep. 

Because there are zero trainings or certification qualifications to be titled a “nanny” or “night nanny”, there seems to be more turn over and less education on all newborn topics vs a certified postpartum doula. There are some fantastic nanny’s who are trained and certified as a Newborn Care Specialist. That training is wonderful and is also included with your Postpartum Doula’s certification qualifications.

mother and postpartum doula talking

2. Certified Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is a certified professional who is trained to support the whole family – mom, dad, baby, siblings – in every nuance related to postpartum and newborn care. You can expect professionalism and personalized support through all your postpartum and infant care needs including but not limited to:

  • Being an expert on all things related to baby sleep from newborn sleep expectations to setting up your nursery for conducive sleep.
  • Helping with nursing, pumping, or bottle feeding.
  •  Being a non-judgmental person to talk through all of the stressors and anxieties you may be dealing with.
  • Being trained to spot the difference between baby blues and postpartum depression or anxiety.
  • Helping with meals, and light household tasks (laundry and dishes)
  • Helping your newborn if they have their days and nights mixed up. 
  • Being available for all of your questions; even the ones that may sneak up on you at 2am.
  • Helping you transition your baby from your room to a crib, when you are ready.

Whatever your needs are, your doula is prepared.


doula helping mother with babywearing

Your certified postpartum doula will come into your home, wash their hands, ask you about your day, and talk with you about any questions or concerns you may have. You will then head to bed excited to get a full night of sleep.

You sleep fantastically because you know your doula who will be caring for your baby is professionally trained, certified, rested, background checked, and has a mile-long list of past parents who sing her praises.

Your baby is in excellent hands, and you can finally allow yourself to fall into a deep REM sleep that you have missed lately.  

mom stretching from a good night of sleep

In the morning, you will wake up with coffee in the pot if you would like, baby laundry done, a run-down on the night, and the feeling of readiness to conquer the day ahead.

We would love for you to meet a few of the experienced, excellently trained, deeply vetted & compassionate overnight postpartum doulas!

Schedule a free consultation to decide which doula will be the perfect fit to offer you support during your postpartum period.

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