Summer Stroller Safety

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Summer is a time of fun in the sun. As parents we do our best to protect
our children from the heat and sun rays. We lather our bigger kids in
sunscreen and pack extra water. We are extra cautious about the dangers
of leaving a child in the car on warm days. But what about the little ones
in strollers? It is not uncommon to see a parent toss a blanket over the
stroller to provide shade, unaware of the dangers that placing even a thin
cover over a child in a stroller on a warm day can lead to heatstroke, SIDS,
or other dangers of such.
A Swedish research stated, if left in the heat, the temperature inside a
stroller was 72 degrees. Covered in a thin cloth it reached 93 degrees
within 30 minutes; after an hour in the sun, it was nearly 100 degrees.
Babies cannot sweat like adults do and their body temperature can increase three to
five times faster than an adult. Remember, if you are hot, baby is hot.

What can parents do to protect their babies?

• Dress your baby in lightweight, light colored, loose-fitting, and in
natural fibers like cotton
• Use a wide brimmed hat
• Breastfeed or offer fluids frequently. (Studies show water is not
recommended or needed for babies)
• If the temperatures are warmer than normal, try and keep you and
your baby inside if possible
• Find shade or use an umbrella

• Avoid being in outside during peek hours of the sun, from 10am-

• For babies six months or older you can apply sunblock. The official
U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s stance) is that sunblock should
only be applied to children six months of age or older


Go enjoy the parks, splash pads, Zoo, and many more fun summer time activities while still keeping those sweet little ones extra safe. 🙂

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