At Omaha Birth & Babies, we believe in the power of every unique birth and postpartum journey. Our mission is to provide unwavering support, guidance, and care to parents as they embark on this transformative experience. We’re excited to share the heartfelt stories from our valued clients who’ve generously shared their experiences with our dedicated birth and postpartum doulas.

These testimonials are more than words; they’re the echoes of joy, gratitude, and support that have resonated through the homes and hearts of the families we’ve served. They offer a glimpse into the profound impact our doulas have had, from easing labor to providing guidance during the postpartum period.

Our doulas are passionate about fostering a supportive, empowering, and nurturing environment for expectant and new parents. They’re more than professionals; they’re companions who walk alongside you during your life’s most intimate moments. These testimonials are a tribute to the deep bonds and positive transformations they’ve cultivated with our clients.

We invite you to read these stories, find encouragement and assurance in the experiences of our clients, and consider the invaluable support our doulas can provide. As you explore these heartfelt accounts, we hope you’ll discover the inspiration and confidence you need to choose Omaha Birth & Babies as your trusted partner on this incredible journey.

Every birth and postpartum experience is a unique chapter in your life’s story, and we’re honored to be a part of it. Thank you for considering us as your companions on this remarkable journey. We can’t wait to be a part of your beautiful story.


"I decided I wanted a doula for my second birth when I was 32 weeks pregnant. OBB had no problem matching me with Jessie even though I was so far along. My husband was a huge skeptic and wasn't amused at the thought of a stranger being involved in something as intimate as birth. Jessie quickly turned out to be the most caring person and made herself available to us at anytime for all our questions. Shannon, Andrea, and Jessie went above and beyond for our family when we unexpectedly lost all of our belongings in a fire just 4 days before I went into labor. They put together an amazing labor bag for me that included clothes and toys for my 2 year old son and newborn clothes. When I started labor, Jessie kept a cool and calm attitude that gave my husband and I so much confidence. When we met at the hospital, Jessie helped direct my husband on how to apply counter pressure and the two of them worked together to keep me comfortable until my epidural. Thanks to Jessie's love and support, I was able to have a fulfilling birth experience despite the fire. I highly suggest reaching out to OBB for an amazing birth, and so does my husband!"
"When I think of OBB, the first thing that comes to mind is what a blessing!! I, admittedly, thought I could do it all and do it all well when I brought my daughter home from the NICU. Maternity leave was so hard & isolating during COVID but what was even harder was going back to work as a full-time physician with a newborn at home. I somehow convinced my husband that we both had to sleep to be able to be able to take care of our patients at work. I called Andrea and had a really delightful conversation with her! She sent me doula files and then arranged meet & greets for my husband and I to get to know them. We ended up choosing one doula but switching to another because she fit better with my family's needs. But, ALL of the doulas are such kind, compassionate, care-givers- you CANNOT go wrong with any of them. Scheduling is so easy! Admittedly, during COVID & by virtue of my call schedule, we had to change a lot of dates around, but Andrea and Shannon were always so accomodating. I also got my primary doula most if not all days despite schedule changes. Fast forward 1 year-my daughter, husband, and I are so attached to our doula, Vanessa! She has become an extension of my family. She gave me the gift of peace, comfort, light, and sleep and we look forward to having her journey with us again-though this time earlier! The decision to have our post-partum doula is an investment, but truly the best decision I made in my first year as a new Mom. HIGHLY, without reservation recommend Omaha Birth and Babies to you!"
I’ve had both Danielle and Kari help me with overnights with my newborn who suffers from MSPI and reflux, and is just an overall poor sleeper. I’m a seasoned mom of 4, but found myself struggling to keep up with it all and what I really needed was peace of mind and SLEEP. I could have hired more of a babysitter or overnight nanny for a lesser price, but the peace of mind of hiring these doulas was 100% worth it.
"One of the first major decisions my wife and I discussed about our pregnancy was what our support network was going to look like. It was important to me for her to have excellent medical care throughout her pregnancy. It was important to her to have excellent emotional care as well. I definitely wanted that for her, but I didn’t realize how important it would become for me as well. We researched our options and decided that a doula would be the best fit for us. Omaha Birth and Babies was an early standout, both because of their excellent reviews and their focus on natural, positive and empowered birthing experiences. We contacted them for an exploratory conversation and immediately clicked with their team. From the very start, we felt comforted and reassured. They do a wonderful job of creating a judgement-free atmosphere both one-on-one and in their classes. Their openness is especially freeing being pregnant for the first time and feeling self-conscious about the endless weird and potentially embarrassing questions that come to mind. Despite being restricted to Zoom-only meetings due to the pandemic, their classes were extremely informative and immersive. They covered a range of educational topics from health and wellness to medical options and procedures. More importantly, they challenged us to positively reframe our assumptions and expectations for the birthing process, and it became one of our greatest assets in feeling prepared and successful. My wife felt equipped to navigate the unfamiliar territory of childbirth, and I felt equipped to support her along the way. There were moments that we were not prepared for, however, and our doulas stepped up to care for us in ways we didn’t know that we would want or need. Their skill and experience was consistently evident in their empathy, leadership and preparedness. It is challenging and scary as a husband to feel caught off guard and unsure of how to best care for your wife. But in the game-changing moments of confusion, exhaustion or discouragement, they were ready and able to care for us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Because of Omaha Birth and Babies and my wife’s strength and resilience, she absolutely knocked it out of the park when birthing time came. The constant comments from hospital staff about my wife’s success and about the professionalism and care our doulas provided were a testament to the value of their service. It was a vulnerable and intimate life event where our ability to stay present, focused and steadfast meant the difference between a traumatic or a transcendent experience for our relationship, and I can’t imagine having had any better team to support us through it."

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