The gift of sleep—the best present you can give to new parents


Looking for the best gift for new parents who just brought home a baby? Trust us, they don’t need another baby blanket or onesie (as cute as those may be). The best gifts for parents of a new baby are support and that ever-fleeting long-lost-friend called sleep. 

Seriously, caring for a newborn is hard work, and doing it while sleep deprived can feel like torture. But many parents find themselves with a new baby who won’t sleep in their crib, won’t sleep alone, or simply seems to refuse sleep at every opportunity! Is it even possible for new parents to get adequate sleep?

Yes, it absolutely is! Sleep is not out of reach for new parents, even with a baby seems to hate sleeping, or who sleep all day and stays awake all night. In fact, you can be the hero who gives the gift of a great night’s sleep to a new parent (without having to stay up all night with the baby yourself!) 

Give a new parent a gift certificate to Omaha Birth & Babies, and you’ll be gifting them with sleep, support, and a real, live baby care and post-birth recovery expert to answer all of their questions. And did we mention sleep? (We also offer a range of other services including labor and birth support, breastfeeding support, placenta encapsulation, classes, and much more!) It’s the perfect baby shower gift, new baby gift, or gift for new parents for any other occasion!

And if YOU are a sleep-deprived new parent in need of some support, we’ve got great news for you: many Health Savings Accounts (HSA) will cover doula services (just double check with your provider to be sure)! That means you can give yourself the gift of sleep while also using up your HSA funds before the end of the year! 

…Or maybe you want to spend your gifted Christmas money on something that won’t add clutter (or an extra thing to clean!) to your life. Treat yourself to the amazing support (and the amazing sleep) a postpartum doula can provide.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend or treating yourself, there is really no better gift for a new parent than a postpartum doula. 

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