Things we wish we knew at the beginning of pregnancy

pregnancy stick

Two pink lines or the word Pregnant have just shown up on the test you have anxiously been waiting the longest three minutes of your life to look at.  Congratulations!!  After this new information sinks in you might be wondering what’s next.  Pregnancy brings on so many questions and emotions, after all, your hormones are in overdrive.  Here are some things we wish I had known as a newly expectant moms.

Morning sickness isn’t just for mornings, whoever gave it that term was way off!  This can hit any time of day and for some of the unlucky ones all day every day.  Be sure to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.  Keep some crackers at your bedside to munch on before your feet hit the floor.  Ginger and mint are also helpful with nausea.  

Naps may become one of your favorite pastimes.  All the hormone changes can be exhausting.  Usually by the second trimester you get that energy back but not for long, exhaustion tends to return in the final weeks.  Enjoy those naps when you can, you will want to be rested up for when your baby arrives!

You may wonder why you are crying over that Coca-Cola commercial or that your favorite ice cream was discontinued, welp you can thank your hormones for that one too!  Tears may flow more often than normal, it’s ok…just let the tears flow.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s all this talk about 40 weeks of pregnancy?  I signed up for 9 months!  Don’t fret, those first 4 weeks you didn’t even know there was a tiny babe growing.   It may take a couple tries to calculate your due date correctly but luckily your doctor or midwife will be able to help you with this. 

That cute prego belly you have been so excited to sport around may not pop out as quickly as you hoped.  First time moms still have strong core muscles and a growing baby is new to their bodies.   Your body is working overtime and eventually you will see that belly you are anxiously awaiting!  If you like photos, documenting your belly progress is a fun way to see how your body is changing.  

If you are like us, we couldn’t wait to wear maternity clothes.  To tell you the truth you don’t need a lot of maternity clothes and many of today’s non maternity styles work great.  You can get pretty clever with your current wardrobe although buying new clothes is fun and you might find you can’t live without those maternity pants.  

You will learn so many new things about your body as it’s working to create this little miracle inside you.  Take them as they come and don’t panic, it is all worth it in the end. You got this Mama!

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