Tips to Finding a Birth Doula

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When you are considering a doula, you might turn to google and search “Questions to ask a doula during an interview.” You will likely see three common questions pop up on every article:

  1. How many births have you attended?
  2. How would you describe your doula ’style’?
  3. What is your birth philosophy?

Read why we suggest skipping those questions and what we recommend asking instead. 

  1. How many births have you attended? 

Looking back as a first time mom or even as a consumer exploring doula services, we totally understand why, at face value, this seems like a great question.  Through witnessing hundreds of births, we are here to tell you that no birth is alike. Each birth feels like the first time and that’s because it is. It is the first and only time you will experience this birth. Anything and everything or nothing at all could come up. We have seen doulas step into their very first birth and witness a cascade of events that we, through hundreds of births, have never even witnessed. Because of the unpredictability of birth it is extremely important to ensure your doula has taken the necessary training to become a doula. You want to be looking for a doula who has the backing of a skilled training organization supporting them in every nuance of pregnancy, birth, and immediate postpartum.

What you will want to ask instead is: Are you a Certified Birth Doula and how do you feel your certifying organization has prepared you to be my birth doula?

2. How would you describe your doula ’style’ and 3. What is your birth philosophy?

We put these two together because they truly can go hand in hand. Why do we recommend skipping these questions? We feel strongly that this birth is only about you. This is your moment. Your birth. A skilled doula is going to be able to meet you where you are in your journey all the while instilling confidence and reducing fear. They shouldn’t be using this time to impose their own thoughts and philosophies and overshadowing yours during the weeks leading up to your birth and during your birth. 

What you will want to ask instead is: Knowing what my birth desires are, what expertise can you offer me and my partner during the remainder of my pregnancy and during the birth?

During your consultation and afterwards you will want to be tuning into your feelings. Does this doula make you feel secure in helping you achieve your birth desires? Do you feel the doula is in tune with what your birth wishes are and not interjecting their own thoughts around how your birth should be?  Do you feel a sense of security around them? Do they exude confidence that they are going to be there, every step of the way, supporting you?

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