Virtual Support Packages are Now Available

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We know first hand that COVID-19 has limited your support options and recognize that self-isolating, self-distancing and quarantining can be an added challenge for you as you navigate changed birth plans and limited in-person infant and mother options. Stress from working from home, older siblings now needing to be homeschool and being couped up in the home can create a deeper sense of isolation for the expectant or new mother and family.

As doulas we instill strength and reduce fear through physical, emotional and educational support. And while our in-person support is currently suspended at the recommendation of local state and federal health agencies, we are still able to provide many avenues of support through your pregnancy, birthing time and postpartum.

With the guidance of our certifying organization we have innovated ways to maintain support for you through COVID-19’s restrictions and guidelines. 

Virtual Support Options

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Virtual Postpartum Packages

Early postpartum can normally be a very lonely time. Then you add in social distancing, self-isolating, and fears surrounding COVID-19. Friends and family likely can’t come to visit. It can feel isolating quickly. Support is more critical now than ever.

 Your doula can virtually:

  • Answer all of your baby questions
  • Listen to you, talk with about questions, anxieties, fears and the joys of being a new parent.
  • Simplify life through creating a routine, a postpartum meal prep plan and offering additional resources. 
  • Assist with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding
  • Keep you company by watching a movie with you virtually
  • and more.  

Virtual Birth Doula Packages

We understand that your safety, your partners safety and your baby’s safety is the most important thing to you during this time. This is why it’s important to have the fewest amount of possible Covid-19 carriers in your birthing space.


For this reason, we are now offering labor and birth support via virtual means to make sure families can feel supported, encouraged, and empowered during their pregnancy and birthing time.


You will receive:

  • Unlimited text, phone call, and email support the remainder of your pregnancy.
  • Up to five prenatal video calls to prepare mom and birth partner for their baby’s birth ability to ask any and all questions.
  • Access to our client only Facebook form where you will find additional support. 
  • Unlimited support for your entire birthing time via virtual video methods and phone methods. We can use options as Zoom and FaceTime to support you each step of the way. You can set up your phone, computer or iPad at a place we can see what’s going on to support and direct you on what to do and when, almost as if we were there with you.
  • One hour virtual postpartum follow up.
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Virtual Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Class

This six week group class setting will be held via Zoom call if the CDC self-distancing continues through mid April-May. Students will pick up materials at the instructors home and attend class via Zoom. You can visit  Hypnobabies page to learn more about this highly recommend childbirth education. 

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 6-9 pm.

  • April 21, 2020
  • April 28, 2020
  • May 5, 2020
  • May 12, 2020
  • May 19, 2020
  • May 26, 2020
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Virtual Lactation Support

Receive video support with an IBCLC, CLC, or a Certified Infant Feeding Specialist to help you navigate your breastfeeding journey and achieve your breastfeeding goals. Bottle Feeding? Our Certified Infant Feeding Specialist is here to help you navigate the wide variety of feeding options you and your baby have.

  • Troubleshooting issues that you may be experiencing.
  • Strategies for poor latch, cracked or bleeding nipples, breast pain, calming a fussy baby.
  • Learning new positions for breastfeeding.
  • Listen to questions, anxieties, fears and joys of feeding.
  • Look for possible tongue ties.
  • Learning your breast pump.
  • Education on  breastfeeding your twins or triplets. 
  • Educating on oversupply/under supply.
  • and more.  
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Virtual Birth Prep Class

This one time Zoom class will prepare mom and her partner to enjoy the birth process and feel confident about their options, decisions, and knowledge surrounding labor and birth.

Topics covered:

  • Comfort Measures for birthing.
  • Thoroughly walk through birth plan/preferences.
  • Learn the whys and hows of labor and birth.
  • Explanation of what to expect for your hospital stay and  your hospitals protocols. 
  • and much more.

We’d love to walk you through our process and show you how we can support you.